Designer Tools Startup Landscape

60+ designer tools mapped & analyzed Together with Nicolas and Alexandre from Idinvest we’ve mapped the growing Designer Tools landscape and came up with a map listing 60+ startups as well as a series of videos covering several major trends shaping this industry. Table of content: Landscape Video: The platform layer Video: The products &… Continue reading Designer Tools Startup Landscape

Carbon Offset Industry Stack

The past month I’ve been digging the carbon offset industry and came up with a map structured in three layers and a couple of subcategories: The buyer layer: entities that buy carbon offsets. The reseller layer: the companies and non-profit selling (but not producing) carbon offsets. The carbon project layer: the various entities that issue carbon offsets and… Continue reading Carbon Offset Industry Stack

New Space Economy: Analysis, Trends, and Mapping

Exploring the boom of the small satellite industry from manufacturing, launching, operating and applications. The past two/three years I’ve been following the New Space trend from a distance, but I finally decided to take the time to do a proper deep dive. Here’s a quick summary of my findings. Table of content Creating and building… Continue reading New Space Economy: Analysis, Trends, and Mapping

B2B Privacy Tech: Landscape & Deep Dive

Before sharing the videos and the map, I would like to quickly touch on the scope of this landscape. My goal is simply to list the B2B tools (SaaS, APIs, SDKs…) which enable businesses to build privacy-friendly & compliant products. This is why you won’t find the myriad of crypto/blockchain projects that aim at replacing… Continue reading B2B Privacy Tech: Landscape & Deep Dive