Deep Dive: Design Systems

The past couple of months with Nicolas and Alex we’ve been exploring “Designer Tools” startups and there’s an emerging category in that space that really caught our attention: Design Systems. Table of content: Why is design handoff so painful? What is a Design System? Case Study: Shopify’s Design System Building a Design System Videos 1. Why is design handoff so painful? The past couple of years in the design and web development fields, the concept of Design… Continue reading Deep Dive: Design Systems

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Data Stack Deep Dive Season 1: Data Connectors

With Chloe, Elise, and Olivier from Idinvest we’re beginning a series of deep dives about the B2B Software data stack with a focus on a key component of this ecosystem: Data Connector startups. Table of content: Data Connectors: The piping system of B2B software Horizontal Data Connectors Vertical Data Connectors The Data Warehouse is the… Continue reading Data Stack Deep Dive Season 1: Data Connectors

Consumer Subscription Apps Pricing Benchmark

100+ consumer sub apps listed and analyzed Together with Nicolas and Alexandre from Idinvest we’ve benchmarked the pricing structure of the major consumer subscription mobile apps. We’ve summed up our findings in a series of videos and in the post below. Table of content: Video 1: The benchmark Video 2: Pricing structure of consumer sub apps Video 3: Subscription plans’ price… Continue reading Consumer Subscription Apps Pricing Benchmark

Designer Tools Startup Landscape

60+ designer tools mapped & analyzed Together with Nicolas and Alexandre from Idinvest we’ve mapped the growing Designer Tools landscape and came up with a map listing 60+ startups as well as a series of videos covering several major trends shaping this industry. Table of content: Landscape Video: The platform layer Video: The products &… Continue reading Designer Tools Startup Landscape

Carbon Offset Industry Stack

The past month I’ve been digging the carbon offset industry and came up with a map structured in three layers and a couple of subcategories: The buyer layer: entities that buy carbon offsets. The reseller layer: the companies and non-profit selling (but not producing) carbon offsets. The carbon project layer: the various entities that issue carbon offsets and… Continue reading Carbon Offset Industry Stack

New Space Economy: Analysis, Trends, and Mapping

Exploring the boom of the small satellite industry from manufacturing, launching, operating and applications. The past two/three years I’ve been following the New Space trend from a distance, but I finally decided to take the time to do a proper deep dive. Here’s a quick summary of my findings. Table of content Creating and building… Continue reading New Space Economy: Analysis, Trends, and Mapping

B2B Privacy Tech: Landscape & Deep Dive

Before sharing the videos and the map, I would like to quickly touch on the scope of this landscape. My goal is simply to list the B2B tools (SaaS, APIs, SDKs…) which enable businesses to build privacy-friendly & compliant products. This is why you won’t find the myriad of crypto/blockchain projects that aim at replacing… Continue reading B2B Privacy Tech: Landscape & Deep Dive